Giving thanks and honoring history

On Thanksgiving, even the most harried of us may slow down enough to think about what we are grateful for. Expressing gratitude on a daily basis can radically change our perspective as we focus on what we appreciate, rather than dwell on what may be lacking. One of the most effective tools I’ve experienced is […]

Paying it forward

“Children cannot intervene in their parents’ fate”–Jakob Robert Schneider, Family Constellations, p. 88 How much more energy will you have for living your life and paying it forward, when you stop old patterns based on trying to heal your parents?

What rhythms are you in synch with?

One aspect of healing is finding what energizes us and what drains us. Trying to force ourselves into a pattern that we don’t resonate with drains us. Trying to march to a drumbeat that is not the best pace for us leaves us exhausted from pushing ourselves or not present due to boredom. Did you […]

No Flunking in the School of Life

When a Tucson Unified School District employee recently told me that some families were still trickling in to enrol, even though school started weeks ago, I asked, “Were they on vacation?” She said, “No, just watching TV,” not aware that school had started. I was fortunate that my eagerness at starting school each year never […]