Sessions are available by Zoom or telephone. My rate is $120 for a 55-minute session.

I have a waiting list, and this scheduling link is for the convenience of people I am currently working with. To be added to my waiting list, please email.

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Coaching for personal healing and growth

I am a coach for Gupta Program, which was the final method I needed myself to get completely better from chronic fatigue, chemical sensitivities, electromagnetic sensitivities, food sensitivities, and fibromyalgia.

Prior to doing the Gupta Program, I peeled off many layers in my own healing process through a variety of methods, primarily energy work and flower essences. I worked part time then as an energy work and flower essence practitioner, writer and writing teacher, and organizational consultant; I continue to offer those options as part of working with me. Since regaining my health, I continue to learn! I completed the Somatic Education Module at the Moving On Center in Berkeley, and another year of study with Dr Martha Eddy in her Dynamic Embodiment Program. I completed the coaching certificate in Organic Intelligence. And i continue studies in Body Trust and Intuitive Eating.

People may choose to work with me simply for coaching, or any combination of modalities they are drawn to.

If you are interested in purchasing the Gupta Program, if you learned about if from me and do it through the affiliate link on my site, I receive 20% of your purchase price and give that back to you in the form of a credit that can be used for group or individual coaching (your credit can always be used for group coaching; use for individual coaching depends on availability since I currently have a waiting list). When you make your purchase, please email me the date and time of your purchase.

Health care practitioners and healthy organizations

In helping health care practitioners and organizations, I start with the same methods I find helpful for personal healing and growth. I also do some business coaching, drawing on my experiences as a retail health food manager and member of nonprofit boards, my academic training in organizational psychology and systems analysis. I’ll also help you refine the language of materials for your business if you like.

Energy healing

Energy healing acts on the field of subtle energy that interconnects all beings in the universe.

We can look at a person’s body and see skin, hair and teeth. Inside we know there are organs such as the kidneys and lungs. But we can also discuss structures that we cannot see with ordinary vision. Scientists have measured what they call “subtle energy;” they have found that after a healing treatment, the ion flow or light emissions from the meridians or chakras (energy centers) changes.

Energy healing focuses on shifting the patterns of these subtle energies so that physical changes can more readily occur.

While most scientific research has focused on shifts in the energy field of living organisms, from an energy healing perspective, the whole universe is made up of patterns of energy. Energy healing can also be done with the intention of producing shifts in a building, area of land, or organization.

People and companion animals benefit from hands-on healing and distant-healing methods that work with the:

  • aura (energy field around the body)
  • chakras (major energy centers)
  • meridians (energy pathways in the body)
  • Energy healing with buildings, land, and organizations includes:
  • clearing spaces of energetic residues
  • healing issues with geopathic stress (harmful energies running through land)
  • placement of buildings, plants, and objects for optimal energy flow and interaction between components of the system

Healing ritual can also be transformative for individuals and groups. I work with you to develop a unique ritual that helps you heal and grow into your fullest self.

Flower essences

Flower essences are vibrational remedies that address emotional, spiritual, and mind-body issues. They are prepared by placing flowers in water in sunlight, and infusing the water with the healing properties of the flower.

I recommend flower essences that you may buy at a local health food store or order online.

Creative expression

Words heal when they are used to share information, clarify issues, facilitate dialogue, and set helpful intentions.

Writing, visual art, music, and dance also heal by helping us express emotions, create models of our visions, and celebrate life.

Healing ripples out; our creative expression can contribute to the healing of the earth.

Elders and their families

I help elders and their families in the process of life review and harvesting the wisdom of life, including making peace with issues within the self and the family. This may include writing an ethical will, a document about the key values we embody in our lives and would like to pass down to our spiritual descendents.

A foundation for this work is creating a life that is conducive to healing at this stage in life, which may involve help with choices around staying in one’s home, moving into a smaller place, or into a facility; choices around getting help with tasks of daily living and navigating the world; and issues of creating a sustainable support team in the form of medical professionals, professional caregivers, family, and volunteers.

My work is informed by my own experience of doing end-of-life work in my thirties when bedbound with chronic illness. So I also help people of all ages with these issues when dealing with acute or chronic illness. Intensive work on healing life issues is sometimes accompanied by physical healing, but even when no “cure” ensues, a peaceful death is also a great healing for a person, their family, and community.

Because I draw on intuitive skills, I am able to work with people with dementia across what are otherwise very challenging communication barriers. When people with dementia know that someone understands them and can help translate their needs, they can be much more peaceful and may need less of other supports. I have found that it is possible to help people with severe dementia do end-of-life work on resolving issues, which ripples out in the family.

Sessions with buildings/spaces

I clear stagnant energy in the space and guide any energies that do not belong in the space to leave.

After doing this initial clearing, I test to see if any deeper-level work needs to be done on the space. This might include balancing a geopathic zone problem, removing an imprint of conflict or battle in the space, or working with disturbances from electromagnetic fields. It is also possible to make energetic corrections for what might be considered design flaws in a space, such as when a door is not put in the proper place, there aren’t enough windows, or the ceiling feels too low.

I can suggest changes you might make in furniture placement to help energy flow more freely. We can also talk about things you can do to help bring about changes in your life—for example, to increase abundance in your office or to create greater harmony in your home.

If people who live or work in the space are there at the time, I can do some minor energy healing on them also. When people desire more focused healing work for themselves, we schedule a session for that purpose.

Most of the deeper-work processes I do on a space are one-time corrections. To keep energy flowing freely in a space, some form of regular clearing is needed. I can help you explore methods you may do yourself.

Sessions may be done at a distance as well as in person. A session may range from a 30-minute phone/Zoom consultation to an in-depth session of 1–2 hours.

A typical energy healing session with a person

I’ll describe a typical session done in person. I also do distance healing work over the telephone and by videoconference.

After we talk a little about what is going on in your life, you lie down on your back on a massage table, wearing comfortable clothing. I run my hands through the air above your body, brushing out the aura, or energy field around your body. Then I sit down at your feet, and place my hands on your feet. I then “run energy” up into your body to fill in depleted areas in your energy field. The energy that is flowing into your body is not my own energy. I am simply acting as a channel for the healing energy in the universe that is available for us all to draw upon.

Then I keep one hand on your foot, and place another hand on your ankle, and run energy between these two points to open up any blockages. I repeat this on your other leg. I then run energy between each ankle and knee, and each knee and hip. Not only does this open up the channels to run healing energy up into your body in a way that is easiest for the body to receive, it also makes it possible for you to regularly be able to receive more energy from the earth as you go about your daily life.

Then I focus on the major chakras, or energy centers of the body. Healing work on a chakra may involve strengthening it, helping your body release a memory or unhelpful belief stored in that energy center, or repairing a place where you are leaking energy.

Each chakra has specific tasks, such as holding your store of information about a particular issue, and regulating the function of certain organs. For example, the root chakra deals with survival and with early memories. Working with the throat chakra can help you learn to say what you need to say, and also help heal problems with your thyroid gland.

Healing work in the session can also focus on supporting specific organs, and helping energy flow more freely through the meridian system that distributes the energy brought in through the chakras and acupuncture points of the body. I usually suggest exercises you can do on your own. These may include exercises to clear and balance your chakras, to work with your meridians, to replace limiting thoughts with more liberating ones, to relieve stress, or to change habits. I refer you to exercises in books that are readily available, and also teach you practices I’ve learned from others or developed myself. I can also prepare a flower essence formula to help in your healing and support changes you are making.

There are also times when a person feels overwhelmed and cannot take on more tasks. It’s ok with me if you’d like to just have the experience of receiving energy healing, and not take on “homework.” It’s about what works best for you at the time, and how you would like to use your resources.

A session is usually one hour, with the option of an initial session of 75 minutes. There is no set number of sessions. We can talk about the current state of your energy system and your goals, and develop a plan that includes sessions, help from other practitioners, energy healing methods you can do on yourself, and changes you can make in your way of life.

Spiritual perspectives on energy medicine

My primary spiritual foundation is in Jewish Renewal, and I have led ritual, taught, and participated in many groups over the years.

Some of the exercises I may suggest are rooted in Asian cultures, such as feng shui, qi gong, and work with the acupuncture meridians. These are now widely used by people of many cultural backgrounds (along with ongoing discussions of what is respectful and what is cultural appropriation). I tend to only offer practices rooted in Judaism to Jews, or to those who I know are drawn to Jewish practices.

In working with a building, one of my methods for clearing negative energies and raising the energy of the space involves a variation of the “Kadosh, kadosh, kadosh, Adonai tzevaot” prayer that Kabbalah has traditionally recognized for its power in clearing negative energy, and which is part of traditional prayer services.

Some people who grow up in the Jewish tradition have conflicts about working with Jewish spiritual practices, perhaps due to negative experiences in their religious upbringing, or because of the challenges of living as a religious/ethnic minority group in a predominantly Christian society. If you would like to address ambivalence about Jewish practices as part of your healing, I’m happy to talk about this and to refer you to resources I’ve found helpful. It’s also ok with me if you wish to keep your session “non-denominational.”

Similarly, if someone who is not Jewish is drawn to placing a mezuzah in their space, or would like to hear or learn a prayer in Hebrew, I’m happy to include that in our work together. I acknowledge this as a yearning of the soul for something it needs.

Scheduling a session

If you are interested in scheduling a session, please contact me by email. Tucson is on Mountain Standard Time. Because Arizona is so sunny, we don’t feel the need to observe daylight savings time. How I remember this is that in the summer (more accurately, from the second Sunday in March to the first Sunday in November), we go to the ocean (are the same time as Pacific).

If you are working with multiple healing modalities, please think about not only when you are available, but also take into account any integration time you may need between sessions.

You may pay by check, cash, debit/credit card, or I can email you a Paypal invoice.

Energy Healing Resources

Download the energy healing annotated bibliography (I compiled this bibliography years ago, when it contained the majority of the books that I refered people to. While not updating it to include the latest books, it’s here as a starting place for concepts and exercises.)

Download instructions for learning how to do muscle testing and dowsing yourself (While developed as a handout for a dowsing workshop, people have since used it to teach themselves.)

Audios of exercises:

Cell in the body of the Earth guided meditation: If we care about the healing of the Earth and our society, then the idea of our body as a cell in the body of the Earth helps in taking time for self-care.

Grounding cord visualization: In doing energy work for self-care, the grounding cord is a good place to start.

Aura visualization: The aura is the personal energy field surrounding the body. This visualization is a way to strengthen the aura for increased ease in the world.

Archangels chant: This chant and visualization is another way to strengthen the sense of protection of the aura, or energy field, surrounding the body.