Introducing the Scholarship Fund

I have been increasing access for my group coaching since last May by offering: There has been a good response. Over the last year of group coaching, 20 spaces have gone to grants for BIPOC, and 24 spaces have been for people living on government assistance making sliding fee donations.   90 spaces have been general […]

Eating with ease makes travel so much easier!

[Note: this blog post was written Oct 21, 2018 and shared on the Gupta Programme forum then, but I had not posted it here at the time. And I look forward to traveling again in the future. 🙂 ] I feel so thankful to be able to eat with such ease now. When I started […]

Dreams deferred, dreams realized

When I began my own brain retraining, it was a mixed experience to draw upon memories of health, because I had been ill so very long. When I started the Gupta Program at age 53, I had been ill for 28 years. I went far back in time to harvest memories, running down a trail […]

Increasing pleasure and joy in the New Year

When Ashok Gupta talks about re-engaging with joy as part of the Gupta Programme, sometimes that sounds like that will just be easy! Many people then discover that support really helps with discerning what brings joy in life, and spending more time doing that. In another method that I find complementary to the Gupta Programme, […]

Healing from orthorexia with brain retraining

For me, healing food sensitivities was my final step in recovering from the interrelated conditions of chronic fatigue, chemical sensitivities, food sensitivities, electromagnetic sensitivities, and fibromyalgia. I was so eager to be part of the world again, that I first focused my retraining on the other aspects, and was willing to live with a lot […]

Should the canary heal?

When people are considering doing the Gupta Programme to heal from multiple chemical sensitivity, sometimes they wonder if their role instead is to serve like the canary in the coal mine, giving the signal of toxins in the environment? That was a question I had needed to answer for myself, and it came in layers. […]

A pack of coyotes? Choosing a reference group

One day a woman greeted me with more intensity than the passing “good morning” that walkers usually give when crossing paths. So I stopped to listen, and she said, “I’m new here and I see two coyotes over there”—motioning to the dry river bed—“Do I have to be concerned?” “No,” I said. “They’ll just stay […]

What makes today a blue ribbon day?

The reminder from the Palo Verde Neighborhood Association about our mellow 4th of July parade encouraged red, white, and blue streamers on our bikes. That brought back memories of riding my bike in such a parade back in Youngstown as a kid. I still love riding my bike, and my eyes were drawn to blue […]