Upcoming Events and Scholarships for Group Coaching

When new group coaching starts, it will be announced to my email list.  Registration is through Eventbrite, and you can also follow me there.

Introducing the Scholarship Fund

May 24, 2023: I have been increasing access for my group coaching since last May by offering:

  • some grants for BIPOC/folks from the Global Majority (a term from the Internal Family Systems community: Global Majority is a collective term that encourages us to recognize that together, those of African, Asian, Latin American, and Arab descent along with Indigenous people from around the world comprise the vast majority of people worldwide.”)
  • Some sliding fee scale spaces for people living on government assistance

There has been a good response. Over the last year of group coaching, 20 spaces have gone to grants for BIPOC, and 24 spaces have been for people living on government assistance making sliding fee donations.   90 spaces have been general admission/market rates.

I do a limited numbers of individual sessions on a sliding fee scale basis, and have worked with two people over this past twelve months.

I first tried out offering grants for BIPOC and offering sliding fee scale spots for people living on government benefits, when I offered a single session for LGBTQ+ folks last May, on healing our nervous systems as we face the backlash to LGBTQ+ rights. Because a much lower percentage of people in that group paid the general admission price, I said it would only be sustainable for me to hold a series if I found a grant source. I have explored options, but it is tricky to find funding when operating as an independent practitioner, rather than through a clinic or other nonprofit organization.

I have continued to offer grants for BIPOC and sliding fee scale donation spaces for people living on government assistance in my more broadly-focused group coaching on Increasing Pleasure and Joy, Working in a Healing Way, Foundation Skills, Working with Parts, and Eating with Ease (healing from food sensitivities). At times, the number of spaces I have allocated for BIPOC grants or sliding fee scale donations has filled before the group has filled.

Recently a colleague told me about how he offers clients a way to donate so he can sustainably offer a discount for BIPOC who choose to receive this, and sliding fee scale options for anyone in financial need. So I decided to try this out.

In setting this up through my PayPal account, I chose the simplest option: people donate to a common fund, and I discern how to allocate that. I am open to suggestions, such as if people would like the option to expand support in specific ways. Please email me if you have suggestions or questions.

Eating with Ease groups are currently enrolling. For one group, the sliding fee scale spaces for people on government benefits has already sold out. So my first priority from donations will be to fund the sliding fee scale and grants for these groups, so that I can expand the number of spaces offered while still operating sustainably myself.

Donate to the scholarship fund

(While I’ve transitioned my name to Dev, PayPal shows my legal name)

Thanks for being on this journey with me.




More about Group Coaching

I typically offer new group coaching via Zoom about twice a year, in this sequence:

A single 90 minute session on Increasing Pleasure and Joy, which incorporates perspectives and tools from Organic Intelligence as well as the Gupta Program (I am an OI Certified Coach). 

A 5-part series on Foundation Skills in Brain Retraining (every other Thursday, from 10 am -11:30 am Pacific)                            We’ll cover these topics:

  • Building a support network
  • Expressing needs and setting healthy boundaries
  • Calming your nervous system with methods from the Gupta Program and Organic Intelligence 
  • Developing positive memories and visualizations, including decoupling them from negative associations
  • Working with emotions in a healthy way
  • Developing your wise, loving self
  • Dialoguing with parts of yourself
  • Making peace with the past (a writing exercise)
  • What is illness protecting me from? / working with protector parts
  • Time for Q & A about retraining

A 5-part series on Eating with Ease, focused on healing from food sensitivities (every other Thursday, from 10 am -11:30 am Pacific)   We’ll cover these topics:

  • Settling the nervous system before eating—expanding your practice with methods from the Gupta Program and Organic Intelligence 
  • Food as nurturing—or not—and how to shift that (and also not the only form of nurturing in life)—includes guided meditations based on developmental repatterning
  • Food as part of re-engaging with joy, healthy pleasure; eating in balance with your needs, incorporating perspectives from Intuitive Eating and Organic Intelligence 
  • Positive food memories and visualizations, including decoupling them from negative associations
  • More focused retraining on foods
  • Parts work specific to eating 
  • Eating goals, practical steps, pacing
  • Time for Q & A