person smiling, with cactus in background
We can be part of a healing that ripples out, in which our personal healing is part of healing the earth.

I currently have a waiting list for new clients for individual sessions. People are welcome to attend group coaching and other events, and/or to email me to ask to be added to the waiting list. When you email me, please tell me a little about why you’d like to work specifically with me, what you are looking for in individual sessions, and what your goals are.

You may enjoy these resources:

  • Love is calling us home audio, Creative Commons by Dev (Deborah) Mayaan. With this level of licensing through Creative Commons, you are free to remix and use this audio as it suits you, as long as you attribute where this chant first came from.
  • Cell in the body of the Earth guided meditation: If we care about the healing of the Earth and our society, then the idea of our body as a cell in the body of the Earth helps in taking time for self-care. You may listen on YouTube, where you will find additional resources.