What makes today a blue ribbon day?

Blue ribbon streamers on my bike at the 4th of July parade
The reminder from the Palo Verde Neighborhood Association about our mellow 4th of July parade encouraged red, white, and blue streamers on our bikes. That brought back memories of riding my bike in such a parade back in Youngstown as a kid. I still love riding my bike, and my eyes were drawn to blue ribbon in my office. Maybe streamers aren’t just for kids, and I’ll tie them on my bike handlebars. These ribbons also serve as reminders to appreciate the gift of each day. And focusing on their color, it can be a reminder of the positive psychology practice of asking what went well today?

2 thoughts on “What makes today a blue ribbon day?

  1. Dear Deborah,
    For a six months I been practicing qigong using you you tube posts as a tutorial,its been great help thanks.However, Li Ding book is very hard to follow for me… can you possible make more videos for other meridians?I searched for Li Ding original video and its impossible for me to find it from Montenegro were I am based.
    Thanking you in advance

    1. I understand how challenging the book is. I don’t currently have plans to make any more videos. Those were for a student to help his learning for the few meridians he was focusing on.


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